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Application of the complex NDT approach for inspection of NPP power system

Nondestructive Examination Training and Certification Facility, University of Kyiv
Faculty of Cybernetics, University of Kyiv

    Application of optimal complex of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods can contribute significantly to the extension of life expectation, reliability and, finally, safety, especially for very complex systems like nuclear power plants, ground rocket complexes, etc.
    The NPP is a complex system and its safety is related to the safety of each of the system elements. Safety of power supply systems occupies one of the most important roles in the NPP safety, because cables are potential source of fire.
    This article deals with the task of complex optimization of NDT methods and contains the idea to detect the set of possible and dangerous defects for NPP power system cables taking into account the criteria of defect detection and efficiency level. The application of multilevel one-criterion task of discrete programming is presented and discussed. Efficiency of complex application of NDT methods depends on scheme of testing organization, planning, data acquisition and processing and personnel qualification.
    Keywords: NDT methods; discrete optimization model; safety; power systems; cables


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