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Method for shaping of improved radiation image

National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, UKRAINE

    The method to improve the quality of radiation (radiography) images by means of using the new concept of detector information read-out without any significant changes of existing technical and technological approaches is presented and described.
    The areas of applications for the methods proposed are as follows: technical and medical x-, gamma- and neutron radiography, medical and industrial tomography, etc.
    The radiation image formation process is based on detection of event flux, having random distribution in time and space. The method developed considers some specific properties of random event fluxes, allowing revealing the dynamic changes in random event fluxes in time and space. Taking into account the property of dynamic sensitivity there is a possibility to increase the difference between the "elementary" regions of random process with various intensity and, as a sequence, to contracting the radiation image.
    The method can be applied for the on-line processing of pulse fluxes coming from detectors as well as for processing of film images (especially for low intensities). It has to be mentioned that the detector itself does not need to be changed and only the information read out process should be modified.
    The description of method and modeling results obtained are given in paper to verify the applicability and effectiveness of method.
    Keywords: radiation flux; random events; modeling; radiography image; contrast


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