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This presents a current view of Normative Technical Documents (NTD) used in Ukraine for regulating and supervising safety in nuclear power plants. The NTD system includes laws and secondary legal acts, Standarts, System of Rules and Norms and design documentation.
The norms, regulations and standards for nuclear and radiation safety are the criteria, requirements and conditions which ensure safety of the use of nuclear power. Development of the norms and regulations for nuclear and radiation safety is executed by Nuclear Regulatory Administration (NRA) - structural department of Ministry of Ukraine for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety (MEPNS). The requirements of said norms, regulations and standards are developed taking into account the recommendations of international organizations in the sphere of nuclear power utilization such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

List of the main Normative Technical Documents

Brief annotation

Norms of Radiation Safety (NRBU-97)

    NRBU-97 is basic state document which defines the system of radiation-sanitary regulations to ensure adopted irradiation levels for individual person as well as for society in whole. This document defines general requirements for health protection from potential injury due to irradiation of ionizing radiation sources; safe operation of radiation sources; environmental protection.

General Provisions on the Safety Assurance of Nuclear Power Plants


    The document includes the basic definitions, and the main criterion and principles of safety provisions; classification of systems and elements of Nuclear Power Plants; the principals of safety which shall be used in designing Nuclear Power Plants and their systems; principles of safe operation of Nuclear Power Plants and requirements for the State supervision and inspection of Nuclear Power Plants safety.

Rules on Nuclear Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Reactor Units
(PBYa RU AS 89) PNAE G-1-024-90

Gosatomnadzor of the USSR and the State Committee of the USSR for the use of nuclear energy

    The present "Rules of nuclear safety of reactor plants of nuclear power plants- PBYa RU AS" cover all operating , constructed and designed reactor plants of nuclear power plants of Ukraine. The Rules establish general requirements to the design, characteristics and conditions of operation of systems and components of RU, as well as organization requirements aimed at providing nuclear safety during design, construction and operation of RU.

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