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International Nuclear Safety Center at
Argonne National Laboratory - Bldg. 208
9700 S. Cass Ave
Argonne, IL 60439

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(Administration and
IINSC Phone Number
(WWW Server and
+1 (630) 252 6690 +1 (630) 252 5167 +1 (630) 252 8224

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Send E-mail to the INSC Database and Web Site Administration. This contact will be most likely the one you are looking for: ask general questions about contents and operation of the database, trouble shooting, and other related subjects. To invoke your favorite E-mail software, click on the following E-mail address "". If this doesn't work on your particular hardware and/or software platform, use the same Internet E-mail address manually from within your E-mail application.
Important Note: Please make sure to have your E-mail software configured properly so it tells us your return address. Some installations of browsers start unconfigured E-mail software different from your favorite and properly configured package, and we are not able to determine the senders E-mail return address, so we can't respond to your requests. Please keep in mind that it is close to impossible to determine more than the name of your computer when you connect to the web site This protection of your privacy makes it impossible for us to answer if we don't receive at least your E-mail address. If in doubt, indicate your name and E-mail address separately in the body of your message. Thanks for your patience to read this rather long paragraph.
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