INSC of Ukraine

i n t r o d u c t i o n

International Nuclear Safety Centers (INSCs) have been established in several countries to promote the open exchange of nuclear safety information, to cooperate in the development of technologies associated with nuclear power engineering, and to be international centers for the collection of important information on nuclear safety and technical improvements in nuclear technology.

The INSCs sponsor scientific research activities in form of collaborative projects between their international partner organizations, who each have established nuclear safety centers in their respective country. INSC activities are currently focused on Soviet-designed nuclear power plants in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Historically, the US, Russia, as well as the other countries, have had significant research programs on many of the topics that are vital to the safety of nuclear reactors. Unique capabilities and strengths have been developed in each country over the years. The leaders of those countries have recognized that we can build on this combination of strengths by engaging in collaborative research. This approach will apply the best talents to the problems that must be addressed and it will maximize the benefits that can be derived from the available resources.

Working together, the centers have initiated activities and collaborative research projects that address internationally identified nuclear safety issues. The thrust of these projects is to use the resources and talents of the scientists associated with the centers to do research that will benefit all participating countries.

Internet-based technologies are used to disseminate the results of the projects and other important information on nuclear safety issues to the entire technical community, and to establish immediate and cost-effective communication channels between all involved organizations.

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